About Citizen Ring Works

Citizen Ring Works has created a symbol for all that can inspire the present and teach the lessons of the past.  Our goal is to change the historical viewpoint of a class ring into the forward looking perspective of The Citizen Ring.  The design of the Citizen Ring uses words, symbols, and iconic imagery to tell a story about the beginning of The United States of America. The ring brings to life the history, sacrifices, and founding achievements of those who came before.

In the beginning, once the concept of a Citizen Ring was decided upon, knowing that meeting exact standards was a requirement, an entity dedicated to the task was needed. Focused solely on bringing the concept to life, from initial prototype to final design, initiating durability studies and evaluating feedback from all sources, Citizen Ring Works was established in September 2019 just for this purpose.

About Citizen Rings

Citizen Rings are cast in Sterling Silver using precise 3D printed models which create amazing detail and adds long life to each piece. Additional casting options are available by special order.

The flawless stones that have been created for Citizen Rings are indeed unique. Genuine Blue Topaz, Red Garnets, and Black Onyx stones that were chosen for their hardness, durability, and meaning. Custom cutting, colors, and sizes set them apart from all others.

Four years in the making, from initial concept to final design, we believe it's time has come.